Know the facts.


21% of the population in Evansville, IN (115,965 people) live below the poverty line, which is higher than the national average of 14.7%.


47% live below the ALICE threshold, meaning that they struggle to afford basic necessities. Therefore, people living under this threshold are one catastrophe (like a car issue) away from losing something significant (like transportation). 

The largest group living in poverty is Female 18-24, followed by Female 25-34 and then Male < 5.

Evansville is not known as a particularly diverse city, and the data on poverty reflects that reality. Evansville has a large majority of whites compared to all other races combined, and whites also represent the largest number of people living in poverty in the city.

Poverty and Isolation
This infographic above shows how wealth is distributed throughout the city of Evansville. Wealth is mostly located outside of the center city area, and much of the south side and east side make significantly less than the north side and west side.