"The only way to move forward is together."


Generate constructive conversation around the issue of racial division and consider what actions you can take to build bridges.

Along with the film, we have put together a step-by-step process and media kit with everything you need to host a screening at your home, workplace, school, church, or community center with a crowd of any size. We recommend viewing this particular film with a diverse audience.


Though Left Turn 2 is a fictional narrative, it reflects real circumstances and stories in Evansville.


The first step we take when approaching all our films is listening, and because of the delicate subject of this film, we paid special attention to researching Evansville's racially-divided history and interviewing people who are affected by racial injustice today.

The people we interviewed shared personal stories and provide a great example of people who are building bridges in our community. We are grateful for their openness and transparency.


Anyone can be a bridge-builder. 

These people are marked with humility, courage, and a hunger to understand. They step forward in transparency and offer an attentive ear. They listen to others without reacting and continually seek the other side of story. 

This might mean intentionally pursuing more diverse relationships. Or perhaps this means beginning a conversation within existing relationships. Whatever it looks like, it is almost certainly a collision of culture, experience, and perspectives that will leave all those involved changed. 

We invite you to step into these moments of chaotic beauty because we know our relationships—and ultimately, our city—will be enriched because of it. 


Generate constructive conversation.

Left Turn 2 was produced to highlight the importance of racial reconciliation and inspire the people of Evansville to pursue the necessary change. You’re invited to use the film to that end among your friends and family, local churches and nonprofits, or anywhere else you see fit.

Click here to download a discussion guide to help you think through how you could get involved. Click here if interested in hosting a screening of this film.


Everyone can listen and learn.

Remove the barrier of stereotypes and misinformation by developing a better understanding of racial reconciliation and Evansville’s history.





Chris Weatherly  Director/Producer/Cinematographer

Jonathan Boettcher  Writer/Producer

Leah Roop  Producer

Ross Chapman  Executive Producer

Matthew Martin  Associate Producer/Key Grip

Toby Hitchcock  Camera Operator

Mattie Ware  Gaffer

Shelby Lashley  Grip

David Ross  Grip

Rachel Mathew  Photographer

Garrett Burton  Production Assistant

Jaci Gorrell  Production Assistant

Madison Nicholson  Production Assistant



Mark Goines  Neighbor

Matt Effinger  Runner

Teddy Duneghy  Teen Neighbor

Archie Carter  Grandfather

Trinity Cravens  Teen Girlfriend

Seth Adair  Rejecting Father

Johnna Vowels  Runner's Wife

George Belmore  Man on Porch

Autumn Williamson  Lady with Purse

Robert Gerst  Husband

Kathy Ewing  Wife

Josh Brewer  Police Officer



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"From Nothing" by Generdyn

"Open Sky" by One Hundred Years

"When I Had Your Heart" by Chptrs

"A Better World" by Chptrs

A Wavelength Films production, in association with Left Turn Productions.

All music licensed by Music Bed

Copyright 2018 Chris Weatherly, LLC



Noah Gray

Kathy Ewing

Elijah Oates

Josh Weiland

Jordan Barclay

Ben Trockman

Jessica Welcher

Karese Johnson

Jon Ruthenburg

Cheryl Voight

Jim Matthingly

Randall Notter

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